How many times have we seen children and adults with painted faces on the street and we are fascinated? We would also like to be able to do it for the different occasions that arise, such as Halloween , a special party or just for fun.

We must emphasize that there is face paint for children and professional face paint, which are those that have other types of components, this makes them have greater durability. Some children can also use this type of face paint, but you should always check the components, as they may have an allergy.


The most important

  • Any product that you place directly on the skin must be dermatologically tested and above have the EU certification. Many products claim not to be toxic, nor that they cause allergies, but it is always good before using them, do a test on the arm, if there is no reaction, continue with the makeup.
  • Another important issue when purchasing face paints is knowing how to remove makeup. Most of the products that are water-based, simply with soap and water, even with a handkerchief, but there are paints that are based on oils or other components, which need makeup remover to be able to be removed from the face.
  • We must always be careful to only use products that are for face painting. It is not advisable to use other types of products such as tempera, watercolors, glitter that is not for the face, remember that many products are not toxic, but they are not for cosmetic use.

Purchase criteria

There are some purchase criteria that you must take into account when purchasing face paint, we detail some of them.


Before buying a face paint, it is good to know what consistency it will have, so we know if it is what we need to make our design.

WateryCastor oilDries quickly, allows for design details, and has very good coverage
Inkparaffin waxThey are the best for making outlines, you can make well-marked lines with the brush
creamyGlycerinIt is ideal to use as a base, as it takes time to dry
Sticky and dryDry powdersIt is recommended to use it in case we are going to use templates to make the design

Effects edit

Depending on what we need to complete our costume, we will want to obtain certain characteristics or need for some effects that help our makeup. For example, if we want to show off our face painting at night, we can use paints with a fluorescent or neon effect and we will have excellent results.

We also have paints with a glitter or glitter effect, these are to give a special touch to certain parts of the face. Girls especially love to be filled with glitter, because this type of face paint, they will love it.


You should pay attention above all, that the face paint that you buy is water-based, this will help to remove makeup more easily and it would also be important that it does not have perfume as this way we make sure that it does not have alcohol and that way there would be no problems with the more sensitive skin.

Now we are more aware that we must take care of our nature, that is why many products are taking care not to test on animals, do not have parabens and also make sure that the face paint that we are going to buy meets quality standards. of the EU.


Our concern, when applying face paint, is how long it will last and if it will make it to the end of the celebration. For this we have some secrets that will help you:

  • It is always advisable to use a primer before applying face paint, this will help the paint last longer and if you use talcum powder on top of the base, it would be ideal because it would set even more.
  • There are also watercolor face paints on the market, that is, they work like watercolors, you apply them with a damp sponge. This type of paint lasts longer and in turn has better pigmentation.
  • If you use eye makeup, you can apply makeup with eye shadow, a color similar to that of your face paint, this will make the paint take a matte color tone, look much more professional and above all, it will last longer.


We find a wide variety of paints for the face, that is why, to have a better purchase criteria, you should know about the components that the products have. Since it could be that you or someone you are going to do makeup, is allergic to any of the components. Another important point is to know if they are certified by the EU.

We must also take into consideration the types of face paint that exist, their consistency and, above all, what interests us the most is whether the makeup will last until the end of the party or event in which we are going to participate. It is for this reason that we have tried to cover the points that are of greatest interest to our readers.