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Best professional face paint

Professional face and body paint is now very widely used in many areas of our life. If earlier painting on the face and body was very rare, for example, at special festivals of body art and face art, now it is becoming an increasingly popular trend.

Here are some examples of where face painting would be appropriate.

Various themed parties to which people come as different characters. Sometimes one suit is not enough to create an interesting and bright image. In such cases, make-up on the face, and sometimes on the body, will help to complement any image, set interesting accents, and make the look unique and unforgettable.

Children’s parties will also become much more interesting if they are held in some chosen style, for example, dress up children in cartoon characters or movie characters. Then the drawings on children’s cheeks or pens will be quite appropriate. And some characters, such as Spiderman or Batman, will be much easier to portray using face and body paints.

Another very good option for holding a children’s party is to give children complete freedom and allow themselves to paint themselves and each other. This will help children to discover themselves in a new field of activity, to express themselves with the help of brushes and paints. This will be especially interesting for children with creative inclinations, and perhaps it will even help someone to decide on a future life vocation. True, this version of the holiday is suitable for very stress-resistant parents, since not only children’s faces can be painted, but also clothes, furniture, various interior items and walls.

Increasingly, girls use professional face and body paint in everyday or evening make-up, complementing it with small thin and neat designs on the cheek or near the eyes.

For everyday or children’s face art, it is enough that the paints are safe for health. For evening make-up with elements of face art, girls may well get by with the cosmetics that are in every cosmetic bag. A small set of face painting for 10-12 colors is suitable for children, the main thing is that the paints are safe, do not irritate the delicate child’s skin, and are easily washed off. It is also very important to make an allergic test before using any face painting, since even a very high-quality paint can contain components that will cause an individual allergic reaction.

What kind of face paint do professionals use?

For professional use, for example for theater, cinema, and for body art artists, other paints are needed, which are quite expensive.

They can be divided into the following categories:
– oil-based paints (most often used for applying theatrical makeup)
– water based paints

Theatrical makeup is mainly used in theater and cinema. With its help, you can highlight some facial features, such as a nose or cheekbones, draw scars or birthmarks, make a person younger or older, kinder or more severe. You can make the actor look like a famous historical character, or give facial features that are characteristic of a representative of another race, for example, Asian or African.

Also, theatrical makeup is made brighter and more defiant so that the actor’s face is better seen from the stage. Due to the theatrical light and remoteness from the stage, the viewer simply will not see the actor’s face or his vivid emotions and facial expressions without professional makeup.

As for water-based paints, they are used by professional painters of pain art and face art.

Body art is in demand in various shows, exhibitions, advertising. Body art festivals are also held, where artists can create a unique, moving, living picture on models that cannot be expressed, for example, on a canvas.

In order to create such masterpieces, the paint must be of very high quality. When buying a professional body art and body painting kit, you need to pay attention to the following details:

1. Ease of use. Depending on what texture the artist is used to working with, he chooses liquid paint in bottles, creamy, or pressed, which can be diluted with water.
2. Vivid colors. High-quality paint for body art has rich colors that are clearly visible on the skin, lie softly, do not change their shade for a long time after application. It is easy to mix them up to achieve new shades or tones.
3. Persistence. Sometimes drawing on a model lasts several hours, and then there is still a long show or a photo session. In this case, it is important that the paint does not flow from the heat of the body, or, on the contrary, does not dry out, does not crack at the bends of the arms and legs.
4. Versatility. Many manufacturers have in the lineup not only bottles with individual colors, but also a professional body art and body painting kit. Such sets can include 20 or more colors, including metallic, pearlescent and fluorescent.
5. Ease of removal. It is unlikely that a body art model wants to wear a drawing on her body for a few days after the show. Therefore, body art paints should be easy to wash off with just soap and water.

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